GSB's influence on other games … the/709771

Do you think the major “new” features this guy is talking about are straight from GSB?

Btw, I really like the art style and the design of the ships, it’s just how I imagined GSB 2 to be…

wow great find there.

yeah it looks a bit like gsb, but it would be better if the races were exact replicas of federation,rebels etc… xD

hope cliff´s new game is something like this ^^

woah, thank you very much for show us this, i love some designs :smiley:

Fortunately, it is a long year away so there is plenty of time to milk GSB dry.

And they totally have everything I was talking about on this forum, even dynamic casting of shadows when ships are above each other, although I haven’t heard about the Mars 2 engine, I guess Mars 1 was only in SOTS 1.

But they haven’t showed any combat yet, realistically detailed GSB battles are hard to top in a 3D engine like that.
I can just imagine real sectoral damage and types of damage depending on used weapon coupled with abundant usage of physics…

Btw, I recently tried Sins of a Solar Empire again and I just can’t get into it, GSB battles are simply better and better looking which is very weird since Sins is real time and GSB is not even turn based…does anyone else feel like that?

Actually the dude being interviewed said September of this year.

Indeed, the proof of that pudding is going to be in the eating. :wink: I’m cautiously optimistic. There’s eye-candy galore, but the ship design phase, combat performance of your equipment and player interface are what I’m hungering to see in detail. If that game is moddable, I’ll be all over it like a kid in a candy store.

SoaSE just doesn’t have me hooked the way that GSB has done. Sad, as they put so much effort into it. Not all of it was well-placed, though.

What gets Sins fun for me is the LANing it.
Single player sadly gets old. if they had a story mode, that would radically change things.

The interest added from the LAN option makes sense. I can’t fathom why they chose not to make any kind of story mode. With one, SoaSE would rule soooo hard. [-shrug-] It’s a mystery!

I enjoyed SoaSE, though it is somewhat simple. Its an extremely well polished, albeit simple game. There’s no story line. Doesn’t even pretend to have one. Its just about building up fleets and blowing things up. Its like the RTS version of GSB. I also actually enjoyed MOO3, despite its bugs and it being an alpha version of the game that got punted out the door with most of its features missing or incomplete.

I would love something that combines the ship customization of GSB, empire building of MOO3 (macro management, not micromanaging ginormous space empires), and battle eye candy of SoaSE and GSB.

Complaining about SOASE’s SP is like complaining about Counter Strike’s.

I dunno. Sins is still a fun game that I regularly start up and play. GSBs appeal is the instant action. You can start and be watching explosions in a few minutes. Sins is a 4x, on a big game it can take a while to get going.

I agree, as I’ve had games which have taken weeks to beat.