GTB changelog (fixed bugs/new features). LOOK HERE

I’ll add in changes to the game here as I go along…

version 1.002

  1. Hull weights and costs for all mobile units have been adjusted. Module costs have also been adjusted, and hull cost is now correctly included in cost calculations.
  2. Players settings for showing paths and damage numbers are now remembered between battles, and those buttons display correctly as toggles.
  3. High scores now correctly saved for multiple difficulties and attempts.
  4. Open blue battle ‘hints’ now close correctly if you quit a battle whilst one is visible.
  5. Deleting the current loaded unit from the design screen, then selecting a module or augmentation no longer causes a crash to desktop.
  6. Closing the map editing window in the middle of a tutorial no longer leaves a tutorial window hanging.
  7. Delete key now correctly deletes the enxt character in text edit boxes.
  8. Map scroll speed (when mouse is at edges) now configurable under options.
  9. Hang on resuming from alt+tab fixed.
  10. Errors relating to the wrong design being deleted when you try to delete a design from the ‘load design’ dialog are now fixed.
  11. You can now cancel a preferred target for a unit by selecting them, then right-clickign an empty area of the map (neither path nor unit).
  12. Removed some redundant unit-layer tooltips on design screen.
  13. Invalid option to fight a custom map against scenario units is now greyed out.
  14. Custom maps now have a unique ID and never inherit the high scores of their base map, even if not re-named.
  15. Debug menu now cannot be triggered.
  16. Some fixes regarding low level rendering stuff.possibly fixing custom-map shadow map renders.
  17. Game no longer automatically unpauses on resume from alt-tab, if it was previously paused.
  18. alt+tab now pauses all the games music and sound effects correctly.
  19. Bugs with online xp being calculated and applied wrong, and ranks not leveling up should be fixed.
  20. Fixed bug where bolt action rifle could not be unlocked.
  21. Clouds are more transparent and can be controlled by editing OPTIONS_MAX_CLOUD_ALPHA in config.txt
  22. Missile damage is reduced.
  23. Changed sound effect for clicking on augmentations.
  24. Removed typo in manual.
  25. Supplies now cannot exceed maximum cap, regardless of dog tags or deconstruction rebates.
  26. Unlocks and achievements now only granted on campaign maps.

version 1.003

  1. Fixed bug where sometimes shadowmaps were not being generated at all for custom maps and downloaded maps.
  2. Fixed bug where challenges on unedited maps failed to cunningly re-use existing shadowmaps.
  3. Changed costs of augmentations to be either 5 or 15 for type II improved ones, infantry now only pay 1/5th of these costs.
  4. Fixed bug where editing the appearance of an existing unit and saving it was not reflected correctly in the unit picker.
  5. Air raid siren no longer loops
  6. Fixed size issue for the unlock window under certain circumstances.
  7. Fixed bug where music did not resume on alt+tab during a battles post mortem.
  8. You can now no longer accidentally scroll the map with WSAD or pick any new units once a battle has ended.
  9. Nightvision and route-display buttons now correctly toggle if you use hotkeys for those features.
  10. Text boxes now correctly supports ,+£$%^=[].
  11. Fixed some bugs relating to unit designs saving and also loading in of unit text descriptions.
  12. Exiting the map editor now takes you to the battle browser screen, not the main menu.
  13. Fixed typo on defend button tooltip.
  14. Fixed bug where support units could still give bonuses after deconstruction.
  15. Fixed some typos in the manual and tutorial and elsewhere.
  16. Fixed bug where overwriting an existing design left a temporary copy of the old one usable until the app quits.
  17. Removed empty tooltips on badge editor.
  18. Blueprints icons for support modules now show the greyed-out icon as a hint.
  19. You now can no longer use duplciate augmentations, or two of the same type on a single unit.
  20. Renamed the user profile button to profile/online so it’s clearer where social stuff is.
  21. Module comparison window now greys out and shows locked icons for modules you are yet to unlock.
  22. Minimap and buttons no longer work, or buttons change mouse if the minimap is hidden by the player.
  23. Fixed bug with mismatched icons & tooltips after deleting current unit design then changing hull.
  24. Added new ‘division manager’ feature to control what units show up in the deployment bar during a battle.
  25. deployment bar now consistently sorts designs by their type.

version 1.004

  1. Fixed crash on ‘Add Friend’ if username was invalid or already added as a friend.
  2. The Battle screen now allows you to scroll up or down past the end of the map to see any paths obscured by the AI.
  3. Online updater message now disntinguishes between checking for, and downloading the latest patch.
  4. Fixed bug where newly designed units were not assignable by the divisionmanager, or visible until a re-start.
  5. Dog tag flashing duration is now based on real-time, not game time.
  6. Recordings of attacks posted with a challenge are now correctly playable by other players.
  7. Online challenge browser filters now remember their settings.
  8. Fixed a number of display/formatting errors on the messages list.
  9. Fixed crash bug relating to using an empty custom division.
  10. Right clicking a player color on the customizing screen now removes that player preset.
  11. Player is now prompted to enter their user name and try map and unit editing, if they have never done so.
  12. Fixed corruption on module data comparison chart
  13. Fixed bug where bottom item always missed off the module data comparison chart
  14. Added 2 new campaign missions!
  15. Assigning paths to selected tiles in the map editor now deselects all tiles, making path-setting less frustrating.
  16. Fixed occasional rendering bug on the hull picker.
  17. Fixed bug relating to new maps being created when editing an existing custom map.
  18. Custom map descriptions are now much shorter, to reflect them only showing up in a strip on challenge browser
  19. It’s now impossible to save out a custom map with a blank name or description, plus these both default to blank.
  20. Health bars now have a minimap-button, remember their on/off state and don’t dissapear when you click elsewhere.
  21. Added hotkeys to speed control tooltips
  22. Minimap toggle-buttons no longer confusingly highlight when you mouseover them.
  23. Splash damage augmentations are no longer selectable in the unit design UI unless a splash-equipped weapon is installed.
  24. Generic damage augmentations are less effective, specialsied ones are now more effective.
  25. New icons on the online challenge browser show if a challenge has been downloaded or beaten and if it has a custom map included.
  26. The unlocks window now shows details on all the stats for the choices of unlocks you need to make.

version 1.005

  1. Fixed crash bug when right-clicking at the extreme bottom or top of the battle screen.
  2. Fixed missing gun barrel on small machinegun variant 3.
  3. Loading a custom map to re-edit it and then saving now correctly populates the name and description fields.
  4. Fixed issue with augmentations not disabling correctly if scrollbar is used.
  5. Fixed problems with achievements not triggering, or triggering incorrectly.
  6. Fixed path bug on ‘Bear North at Rue de St Elain’
  7. There is now a direct association between the damaged textures and smoke coming from a unit, and it’s current health.
  8. Shields now flicker rapidly if they are below 33% power.
  9. Gratuitous new laser guidance effect.
  10. One more new cmapaign map!
  11. Some improvements to explosion effects.

version 1.006

  1. Balanced the difficulty settings for all existing maps.
  2. Defensive AI is now much more intelligent regarding thinking ahead when choosing where to build turrets and place units.
  3. Improvements to AI tactics during end-game.
  4. Added 6 new defensive augmentations fo armor shields and hitpoints.
  5. Design hitpoints are now displayed on the unit design screen.
  6. Tab key now cycles through player-design divisions and populates the deployment bar with them. Shift-tab goes backwards (try it, it’s awesome).
  7. Double clicking an icon on the division manager now swaps it between the two windows, rather than having to drag them each time.
  8. There are now progress bars under both the supplies and scores indicator, showing you approaching the supplies cap, and also the victory score level.
  9. Hulks of destroyed units now have a tooltip indicating what unit they are the remains of.
  10. You can no longer save out a custom unit with the exact same name as one of the sample units (which caused weird crashes and bugs).
  11. Added new feature: Airstrikes can be called down by the defender.
  12. When playing as defender, the deployment icon tooltips no longer display victory point values.

version 1.007

  1. Fixed bug where the deployment icons on the battle screen were no longwr showing their popup windows.
  2. Fixed crash bug when using very high amounts of muzzle smoke.
  3. Increased minimum range of missile modules.
  4. Fixed bug in displaying certain bonus effects on the design screen, notably for missile launchers.
  5. Replaced ‘gratuitous shaders’ option with a toggle for the distortion effect.
  6. Sped up the drawing of unit shadows.
  7. Fixed yellow-screen corruption bug
  8. Fixed bug where the progress bar for the score would not always draw correctly.
  9. Performance improvements allow for higher quality visuals when zoomed out on higher spec PCs.
  10. Infantry do not now talk as frequently when onscreen in large numbers.
  11. Some variety introduced in the placement of tiny props next to certain turrets
  12. All turrets now have surrounding ‘splats’ to merge slightly with the terrain.
  13. Special props can now be hidden from the editor.
  14. Fixed bug which displayed an empty unlock dialog on certain occasions.
  15. Some optimisations to speed up drawing of drifting smoke, and reduce particle effects when framerate drops.
  16. Fixed unit design bug preventing ammo loaders being selected if a rate of fire aug was already fitted.
  17. Fixed bug where a map would not tolerate starting supplies being higher than the mid-game supply cap.

version 1.008

  1. Optimised code to remove slight delay on slower machines when placing squads of infantry.
  2. Cycling through divisions with tab or shift+tab now skips divisions with no applicable unit designs for the current mission.
  3. Drag selection on level editor much improved. Now works from any point in a square, and in any direction.
  4. Improvements to some explosion effects, notably incendiary rockets and some smallish laser/bullets.
  5. Fixed bug where units appeared to ignore minimum range if the target unit had been acquired whilst in the correct range band.
  6. Fixed a bug relating to failed directory creation