GTB in wine / Linux?

I was trying to run GTB in wine on Ubuntu Linux. GSB used to work fine. Unfortunately, in GTB the sound is all scrambled, so I quit after a short while, 'could not tell if other features don’t work either…

Has any one 'got it to work in wine? What were your settings? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

*Edit: I tested it a while now, and everything seems to work fine - except the background music, which is completely jumbled up (I just set the music volume to zero).
Dell Latitude 6420
Intel i7 2720QM
8GB Ram
Ubuntu 11.04

I’m using it under wine in ubuntu as well, and it works perfectly for me with one oddity: The sound always plays out of my notebook’s built-in speakers, even when I have the rest of ubuntu playing all audio through the HDMI connection to my tv set. But although the sound is playing out of the wrong speakers, it is not at all garbled for me, it sounds fine.

Just in case it matters, my hardware:

MSI GT-680R gaming notebook
Intel i7 2630QM
8GB Ram
Ubuntu 12.04