GTB modding documentation

I know it’s super early to be asking about this, and it’s pretty low priority in comparison to bug fixing, etc., but I was wondering if there was any plan to release any kind of modding documentation? Even something basic, such as ‘to add a new unit, you need to edit this file and add a new file here similar to the ones already there’ type thing? I know ease of modding was something considered when designing the game, so I figured something like this might be useful.

Oh absolutely, it will happen ocne all the showstopper bugs are gone.
It’s actually very easy to do, although I haven’t added in support for entire separate loading destinations for modded content yet, like GSB had. But if you have a bunch of sprites, and notepad, you can actually easily add new vehicles or empalcements to the game. open up some of the files in \modules and \hulsl and \variants to see how it all works.
Prop are also very easy to add.

Thanks, that’s great to hear. I’ve had a little poke, and indeed it doesn’t look too bad to a new unit in. Can I ask what program you used/would recommend to use to edit the DDS files? I’ve had a go with a plugin for Photoshop, but I cannot seem to wrestle the alpha channel into working properly (it either has no alpha channel or keeps the old one. I can’t work out how to edit it).

I use photoshop with that plugin, and use the 32bit RGBA (or is it ARGB) format.I don’t use any of the DXT formats.

When I was working on mods for GSB I got pretty good results using Paint.NET to make the dds files. It doesn’t have as many features as Photoshop does, but most of the features that are missing are ones that weren’t super useful for making the dds files anyways.

You can get it for free here…