GUI changes for the four-price points on R&D

Because the new financial/sales model will have four price points, I needed some wasy to reflect this on the R&D screen as wwell as the feature matrix on the financials screen, of which,details in this video:

So I’ve been working on that today and currently have this, which I’m happy for feedback on:

Its color coded, and uses letters for Cheap Mid-range Expensive and Luxury. Features which are still ‘very-rare’ on a model are not shown in the panel.

Actually thinking dollar signs work better?

Dollar signs are 100% better. When I looked at the first one I thought the letters were connected to the rarity, not the price point.

I agree! The dollar signs are the way to go. Much easier.

I agree with the previous posters - the dollar signs are much easier to interpret.

dollar sign is fine but why can’t we add leather seat and stuff to cheap cars? let us do bad combination and the virtual customer avoiding our cars for it!

btw… market could have some fluctuation so that there’s some challenge in optimizing

You can. And will. I believe it’s more a information tool, not a restriction

I also prefer the dollar signs (1 to 4-scale). The new financial model really seems an improvement. I’ll no longer feel penalized building low-range cars, when there really is a “market” for them.