GUI Suggestions

Cross-posting from Steam forums because you veterans likely have your own minor GUI improvements that would make your own lives much easier. Don’t hesitate to delete this thread if it’s gratuitous.

cliffski - kickass work. KICKASS.

I’ve been hoping for a few things to make life easier in general:

1 - DPS stat. I’m too ornery to make a spreadsheet and it’d be nice to see the stat ingame, rather than just damage per shot & shot intervals.

2 - When on the Deployment screen, it’d be great if when highlighting a ship and clicking on Ship Design brought you straight to the design of the selected ship, instead of having to search through the ship list to find it. It would make it easier to make minor loadout changes.

3 - On the Design Screen, I’d love to have a larger Load Ship window list, and more importantly, tabs for each race. If I’m using Rebels for one battle, it’s a pain to sort through the designs for each race just to find one particular Rebel ship.


Second one isn’t a big deal because you can already do that from the design selector off to the left.

If you access the Ship Design from the deployment screen, the hulls are locked to the selected race.

This is good feedback, especially item 3, which is something I should do. The hull picker used to be pretty crappy too, and that’s benefitted from a similar makeover.
I’m planning on getting this campaign game done soon, then I can take another look at niggly UI stuff like this, although I expect there will be a ton of beta feedback for the campaign stuff that will need buckets of changes too. Maybe by Christmas it will be time to start a new game? :smiley:

  1. I would really like a DPS chart (over range).
  2. Okay.
  3. YES!

Extremely Gratuitous Space Battles?

More like Gratuitous Galactic Battles. Cruisers look like fighters in it, xD!

Thanks for having a look, Cliffski.

Had no idea #2 was possible already, thanks!