Guide - Hyperinflation Takeover

You can easily extend executive length to 7 years using hyperinflation trick :smiley:

First turn implement quantitative easing and helicopter money at max.
As inflation rises try fixing other stuff.
Around time red hyperinflation situation popups reduce QE and helicopter money to low level - so they are active, but don’t cause inflation.
Since it triggers emergency capital now you can extend executive time length - inflation will calm down itself naturally over time.
You now have much more time to clear up chaos you just created.

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Indeed, debt interest also causes emergency capital which this also another strategy.

Interesting. maybe we have a problem here in that the effects of hyperinflation are not severe enough. it really should wipe out business confidence and foreign investment for a long time. I’m not aware of any country that had hyperinflation and then recovered easily, especially with the same party in charge :smiley:


I would put this one to “bug or feature?”. How many times have we seen governments use a crisis to ram policies through which are unrelated to the crisis?


I think Rabid has a point. I feel that a “viable” part of the game/playstyle should be exploiting crises for political gains. Maybe knowledgeable players could toe the line to constantly be in a state of Emergency and get extra Political Capital, but not so much that they lose elections? I’m not sure Hyper Inflation should be the way to do that tho.

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I think Rabid’s idea is good, although I would personally limit it to short term political gain. Ultimately, hyperinflation, or any other economic instability, left unchecked will develop into a total collapse that will collapse the leadership no matter what (be it through democracy, coup, assassination, or revolution).

Perhaps a political power gain can be provided, and continue to grow, but at the same time problems only continue to worsen and re-election chance disappears the more the economy collapses, the collapse of which should really be made more extreme and faster (if not held off by yet more quantitative easing (hello Weimar Germany, hello Biden’s America).


its definitely a deliberate game design choice that you can leverage a crisis to push through unpopular policies using emergency powers. Actually I recently played a game where I spent practically an entire term using emergency powers during a debt crisis in japan, and then managed to win re-election :smiley: (japan coming soon!)

It might be interesting to give stuff like this a super-long term negative impact on business confidence. I’m sure there are countries that have been theoretically stable for a long time now, but business people will long memories will still not invest.


This is of course assuming that money printing continues unabated, as opposed to redistributing resources in an economy. Currently speaking as in the past, America has had no problem in turning open the sluice gates and letting the money flow. If the $29 trillion the Fed spent over a couple of years to stabilize the economy, didn’t cause hyperinflation, I highly doubt that social welfare will.

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