Guitar Performance

I’ve noticed that guitar performance is needed to join some bands,how do i increase it,i’ve looked everywhere and cant see anything

please help it would be much appreciated

[size=75][color=brown]I’m really not sure, I haven’t tried a music career yet. Although if you haven’t bought a guitar yet, you’re out of luck…[/size]

I believe you have to buy a guitar and then practice.

some jobs just need guitar playing. you need one of those first. you only get performance skills through actual live band experience.

Yeah i’ve bought a guitar and practiced untill i reached 100%, but when i search for a job in a band as a guitar player the guitar skill has a tick beside it and the guitar performance has a cross ans the apply for job is greyed out so i cant click it

ahhh sorry,after reading your post a second time i got it,sorry for being an idiot :blush:

I got the same problem with the saxophone. I have played in a band for a few months now and have not even got 1% of saxophone performance.