Gull Wing Doors - Install and Manufacture

First off - Great Game - Really enjoying it.

I purchased the “Doors like this DLC” yesterday.

There are no options on the “super car” screen to add any of the specialty doors.
I have researched them in the design studio tab.
I would expect there to be an option to select them as you do for “wheel types”.
Also - there are no options to make “specialty doors” in the door stamping cell.

If someone could point out how to install these features i would appreciate it.



Good news - I found out how to select the options for gull wing and other specialty doors.
In the car design view - all the door selections appear in the roof drop down not it the door drop down.
Bad news - if you install them in removes the sun roof (both reg and panaramic).

Still cannot figure out how to mfg. them.