"Hacking" missions?

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In brief, when it comes to setting up Persons in an *.scn file, can I specify a bitmap picture like I can for the Ships?

How do I designate a Person as a droid? If I can, am I limited to letting them have only one area of expertise?

Additionally, how can I edit/customize the messages from various crew members? (Or is that embedded in the compiled game?)

There’s more where those came from. :unamused: :wink:

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most of the text is editable inside “strings.muf” which is a text file in the data directory.
I dont think you can specify a persons image, its random AFAIK.

Hey Cliff, as most of the files are editable in ST, how much of it can be passed around before it’s considered piracy?

  • Mike

well as long as you are not enabling someone who has not bought it, to play it then that’s cool. if anyone mods any files like sounds or graphics and wants to put up links to them, that’s absolutely fine.