Half Million Hit Point Fleets

I have encountered several Outcast fleets on Defend Caspian IV that have ~231 Radium Cruisers
armed with 7 Cruiser Lasers each and with Shields and Engines for a total of 586,124 Hit Points.

This is over an order of magnitude larger than any fleet I have been able to field on the map,
and the Tzarist Treasury Fleet, Lobster Liberation League and Barbarian Hoard aren’t exactly pushovers.

Could tech support check out challenges: 5085721, 5085722 and 5085847. ?

The DweebWeenie is hacking the text configuration files.
I will send in the Federation Freedom Fighters to SteamRoller him…

Those fleets do seem to be hacked, but frankly easily wiped out by fighter swarms :smiley:

Alas, he has infested The Lagoon Nebula with 5087036; so no fighters. :frowning:
I didn’t need fighters for the other scenarios, but the Lagoon is so constricted I can only get half of them. }:frowning: