Half-serious idea on how to sell more copies

Have a limited time offer for people buying Gratuitous Space Battles on steam to get an exclusive item for everyone’s favorite war-themed hat simulator, Team Fortress 2. GSB will be flying off the digital shelves, and some purchasers might even stay to play the game!

Oh god, if there was a TF2 hat for this it wouldn’t even be funny how many people would buy this. If you combined it with a discount it’d probably be an absolutely absurd number.

Cliff’d have to talk to valve, but it seems like an interesting idea…

That’s ridiculous. I would bet money on it to work.

It would absolutely work. Ridiculously well! What I wouldn’t give for an Empire cruiser hat.

Different target audience, but if it gets more business then why not? Might be a good idea to wait until the campaign is released, though.

I was kind of thinking of a handheld shield support beam as a Medigun reskin or a plasma torpedo launcher for a Rocket Launcher or Direct Hit reskin. Don’t quite know what the hat would be though, I was imagining an admiral’s peaked cap or something.

No, just a model from the game as a ship-in-a-bottle, put on a hat.

Sort of building on that, I had always imagined that the alliance builds their fighters somewhat in their own image, especially the Scorpion and Tarantula. Why not have an Alliance Grub perched on the class’s shoulder as a misc slot item?

That’s very similar to the already implemented alien parasite from alien swarm. An empire cruiser on the head would fit pretty nicely though.

I know but simply throwing a spaceship on someone’s head isn’t going to look very good either.

I think this: positech.co.uk/gratuitousspa … model.html would actually fit pretty well on someones head.