Halo Mod (need a spot of help)

Hi all,

firstly thanks very much for the active community on here, some really good advice!

So I have some spare time over the holidays while I’m off from uni and I’ve just got GSB in the humble bundle and subsequently got all the DLC, so I thought about making a little mod for it, especially since GSB looks relatively easy to mod. Had some ideas, Warhammer 40k: Battlefleet Gothic, Halo or Mass Effect but 40k and ME had a massive lack of top down ship images around (I’m not particularly good at the gfx) but Halo had quite a few (and Google Warehouse many more). So am trying to make myself a bit of a Halo mod!

—Design Concept—

General Ideas: No shields, lower cost, increased armour and hull integrity, low power weapons except MACs and railguns.
Fighters: Shortsword, Longsword, Sabre (only UNSC ships allowed shields), perhaps a space Vulture varient
Frigates: Charon Class Light Frigate, Paris Class Heavy Frigate, Gorgon Class Destroyer, Refit Station
Cruisers: Halcyon Class Cruiser, Marathon Class Cruiser, Phoenix Class Colony Ships (refit), Orbital Defence Platform

General Ideas: Slightly lower armour, high cost. Shields have high strength but low resistance. Weapons are powerful.
Fighters: Seraph, Banshee, Phantom
Frigates: CPV Destroyer, SDV Heavy Corvette, DAV Light Corvette*, CAR Frigate*
Cruisers: CAS Assault Carrier, CCS Battlecruiser, DDS Carrier*, CRS Light Cruiser*

The covie supercarrier is tempting but would end up being over 5000px long! Same for High Charity. I’m using a scale of 5m = 1px

*No visual appearance in canon.

Any ideas or input?

Also… I’m getting a crash when I try and start a battle, crashes on the loading screen into the fight as I try and test out the Charon Light Frigate. Nothing is appearing in the crash log either. Any ideas?

P.s. Merry Xmas for tomorrow.

When it crashes try pressing ctrl + esc sometimes theres a error window that appears but for some reason dissapears after the game is closed however you’ll have to do this before clicking in the loading screen as that (at least for me just crashes my whole desktop D;) the error screen may hint to where the problem item is in the folder (might) if not it’s good practice to check that evrything is named correctly and their are spaces where they should be!

Good luck! and Merry crimbo!

I found out why it has crashing… I’ve must been very very silly and accidentally deleted the core deployments for the basic scenarios by accident (since it only affects the coree scenarios and the enemy deployment doesn’t show up)! Probably thought I was working on my copy or something. Oops.

Thanks for the help though CptFox!

Aside for the complete failing I have all my ships in game for the UNSC (although most are missing lights, engines and explosions, and are using my poor placeholder graphics). All fighter weapons are done (although I may change some sounds later).

Just to do plain modules, fr turrets and cr turrets.

Then the Covies. Oh joy.

Any ideas for the Covenant’s “guided plasma weapon”? As I see it can either be unguided plasma, or guided missile with a massive flare. Problem with the later is the scrambling…

And what’s wrong with that? I’ve tested sprites 10,000k in size and they work (just ensure that it is a squared number.)

10 million pixels? Impressive. For us mortals though, a few thousand is plenty I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I don’t know about that Kemp, if I put High Charity in then it’d be around that! Might have trouble fitting it on screen mind…

Is it possible to fit a missile with AoE? warhead = flak doesn’t work
Is it possible to make a missile that that doesn’t die the instant it gets hit by a PD weapon?
Is it possible to give radiation to missiles/plasma etc?

lol, I meant 10,000 pixels- typo. Though I did try 1mill once; the game loaded alright-ish but crashed after a few seconds of the ship placement screen.

I dont think you can give anything pay-loads at the moment except form whats already present, like radiation. :frowning:

If you have tried that line of code and gotten no results, then it won’t work. (I’ve tried some experimentation with the warhead/payload variables as well.)

You can give a radiation payload to any missile or bullet weapon, as follows:

Missile: Add the following line:
warhead = RADIATION

Bullet: Add the following line:
payload = “RADIATION”

Both: You also need these lines of code (you can adjust the numbers to change the way your radiation damage occurs):
radiation_damage = 6
radiation_decay = 0.91
total_damage = 57
damage_duration = 4200

Thanks Ace! My idea for the guided plasma will probably use ‘radiation’ to simulate how it burns through a ships hull for a period rather than one off damage. Probably going to go with a missile with massive flare and rad payload, only problem being anti-missile pd might just one shot it… which being a giant ball of super-heated plasma doesnt sounds right.

Done all UNSC modules, everything is in game of them apart from sounds and turrent dds’s, turns out I was so worried about accidentally overpowering them that they are hilariously underpowered…

You can mitigate the PD issue by increasing the missile speed, though it may not be quite the visual effect you’re looking for. You may have to play around with it to get the effect you want.

Ah cool, thanks Ace!

My attempts to buff the UNSC seem to have been a little too much, now they just dominate…

You had the same problem as me with balancing, Im getting closer to them being actually balanced, still on the underpowered side though

Half your luck !!
When balancing its better for your new mod to be underpowered than overpowered.
(Far easier to increase the damage potential than decrease it.)

Aye I think by repeatedly altering the module they have lost touch with the game originals too much. I’ll have to go back to compare and alter again.

Balancing the UNSCs magnetic accelerator cannons (esp. the super mac) is incredibly difficult!

I don’t suppose this mod is still in production? Me interested.

Also. UNSC also have pelican’s which can be fitted with weaponry (although so far we’ve only seen rocket pods). Just an idea. Also, I could swear there were more types of frigate, but that could just be me.

Looking forward to it dude! PM Me when it comes out :slight_smile:

Damn, I wish I checked this thread earlier. I could throw some neat ME ships at u Elysium so u might do ME mod instead :confused: Modding GSB is not so easy at all huh?