Happy new year GSB!


here are exactly 00:20 pm and I just wanted to come to the pc of my grandparents for wish you, the Gratuitous Space Battles Community a very happy new year, and my hope is that this year is much better than the previous.
[size=200]Happy New Year![/size]


midday here now,but happy new year! :stuck_out_tongue:


Have a gratuitously good time over the new year!


Have a great year everyone :slight_smile:


Happy New Year!!


omg, ramcat, you are not dead?! :stuck_out_tongue:
No really, I have not seen you since you were interned -.-’


[size=150]Happy gratuitous new year!![/size]

[size=85]Yes, I know I’m 2 days late ¬¬[/size]



Remember, “the intention is what counts”


Good Luck in This Year to you all