Hard Code


Right to the point, currently we are working on a mod for GSB. During that work I was somehow disappointed that I couldn’t mod the appearance of the plasma “warhead”, the missle or that I couldn’t add another kind of module aside from turret and standart. So is there any chance to go deeper into the code of the game?

PS: Nevertheless GSB is a great game and I love to play it day in day out :wink:

The two types of module thing is pretty hard coded into the game. The plasma effect might be more easily modded. I’ll take a look at the code and see where it gets the images from.

Well, I thought it would be the plasma.dds… But the module txt of the plasma weapons gives me no chance to determine the sprite dds like the txt of a beam does. So I’m not able to use my own dds files. So I thought it must be coded in this “SIM_PlasmaLauncherModule” thing… but I can’t find this file. I think it’s *.cpp or am I wrong? My goal is to add more styles for a plasma weapon because I don’t want to overwrite the old dds which would affect all plasma weapons…
But anyhow thanks for your extreme fast reply cliffski :wink: