Hard time finding upgrade stations

I am having a hard time (wasteful time) locating the stations that upgrades are performed at.

First of all I am not sure if it is by design but you have an air condition station but Heaters are added at an existing station. Is this the way it is supposed to be?

Second, the trouble I am having starts at the Market, when I am trying to sell cars, and of course improve their value I see I have uninstalled features, even though I have selected them while creating a car or just updating the generic model. In any event, this then requires me to identify the station that the feature is added. No small or refined task. Now you may just know this from dozens or hundreds of hours of experience but it is an important part of the game, the process is poorly organized. So I start at car market, and then look on the tab that lets me know what is uninstalled. I then have to go and search in the research tree for where it is added to see if I have upgraded the slot to be able to provide the feature. This has to be done for each uninstalled feature. I SAY NO! :slight_smile:

Could we please have a blinking light indicator like a blue light or something, which spins around stations that have a potential upgrade that can be performed that isn’t a robotic or logistics upgrade. That way at least I can go back after doing other stuff and see oh yeah here is a location that has an upgrade I can do.

Also can we have for uninstalled features listed on the market menu, an indicator of which slot they get added on, so we don’t have to reference the tech tree.


Yup I agree that we definitely have UI issues for new players in this area, and that it is not well explained, and information not readily available. People have been clamoring for hybrid/electric cars, but now those have gone in, we can spend some proper time taking care of user interface issues like this, which should improve the games play-ability :smiley:

Cliffski I really do like the new car icons and car design options. Once the UI organization comes in this is going to be one of my favorite factory simulators.

This will be really nice.