Hard-to-click buttons

I noticed that “save deployment” and “mission” (on the deployment screen) don’t respond well to clicks for some reason. Can anyone reproduce this? It can take 12+ clicks just to register 1.

Yes, I get the same. And if you click and drag you may notice the problem, the window title bar is there and has the normal functions that should be disabled on full screen.

This is fullscreen I assume? On what version of windows? any unusual settings or setup?

That one is there, then it’s not; sometimes it works fine, and sometimes not at all. Also, when those buttons go out, it appears that the scrollbar thumb on the ships list also stops working.

Sometimes, when none of this is appearing to work, if i click on one of those buttons, and just wait awhile, the dialog will appear moments later.

Fullscreen (1366x768@32bit) on Windows 7 x64, 4gb RAM, shared Intel GMA video. No truly unusual settings. (Dell Studio 1555, 8 months old at the max.)

Is this true for everyone with this issue? if so, this may be driver related. The titlebar should definitely be gone, and certainly is on my test PCs.
I’d be interested to know everyones screen res, video card and windows version who can reproduce this.
Also, if you can, check where the buttons highlight. I’m assuming the whole button isn’t responding to the mouseover?

I can actually reproduce this, occasionally now. But cannot work out how on earth its happening. It does seem that if you double click the very top of the screen when the game starts, it sorts itself out, at least with my video card. bah :frowning:

Weird, because as far as I can tell my game runs in full screen and there’s no title bar. I’ll fool around and see if I can fix this issue, or figure out what’s causing it. (Maybe there’s a W7 nuance with windowing that’s doing this to us.)

Double clicking the top of the screen only intermittently fixes it for me. Also, any Alt-Tabbing breaks it again.

I don’t know if you slipstreamed a fix for this, but the entire interface and game is suddenly much faster. In the ‘deployment screen,’ everything is suddenly snappy and responsive. In the actual gameplay, everything is way faster. Maybe I had some sort of ‘internet leach’ and it suddenly let go (if only for the moment).

Be that as it may, I’m running fullscreen, windows xp/sp3, NVidia Gforce MX 4000.

I have the same problem. Mission button takes about a dozen clicks to work.

Some info u asked for: Full Screen, using Vista. Entire button highlights properly when mouse hovers anywhere on it. It just doesn’t respond well to the click.

But the clicking on the top of the screen solution works like a charm. :slight_smile:

I noticed the same problem several times. It’s not always there though. I I play GSB in fullscreen on a computer with win xp (sp3) and a ATI Mobility Radeon X300 (screen resolution 1680 x 1050).

I tested around a bit and found a way to reproduce it. It seems GSB in fullscreen does not like to be minimized or if some other program running in the background pops up for a second (like flashing on the taskbar, popping up a little message or other stuff like that). If GSB is minimized and you open it again, the “mission” and “save deployment” buttons stop responding to clicks although they still highlight correctly.

heh. this reminds me of the time there was, occasionally, no “Deploy the Fleet” button in the beta. ah, good times…

but, anyway, i do not have this problem. i’m running an emulation of an XP.

same problem here:
windows 7
1920 by 1280 or something, not sure res

another similar prob is sometimes a ship gets stuck at the upper left corner of the deploy screen, hard to drag it back down with the title bar thingy…

i know how that happens, it bewildered me for a bit before i figured it out. the problem is the temp_deployment (this only applies to challenges)

if temp_deployment saves a fleet on one challenge that’s larger than another, and you go to the smaller challenge, temp_deployment will load, causing ships to appear from corners or sides or just bizarre angles during the battle that you did not place there, causing maps with “No fighters allowed” anomalies to have fighters allowed or something. which is why I had to manually delete “temp_deployment” every time I played a challenge :frowning:

I haas this problem several times too, it doesn’t register the click as a click on the button since it thinks The taskbar is targetted.