Hardpoints with multiple locations

Hello and thank you for this great game.
One question: Some hardpoints/turrets are spread over 2 or 3 locations at the hull. Adding a weapon to these hardpoints shows 2 or 3 of these weapons ingame. Are there any gameplay differences of this (is missile fire doubled/tripled) or is this just eye-candy?

I believe you’ll find your answer in the manual =]

(No, purely cosmetic, no gameplay diff - but we’ve already asked that cliffski rethink that one to add even more strategy on ship builds!)

How does this work? Obviously launchers ignore number of hardpoints, but ‘bullet guns’ spam from all hardpoints and this suggests you’d get more damage/better chance of hitting from the additional shots.

It’s pretty counter-intuitive that it draws extra effects (three giant beams or whatever) and it does no additional damage. Almost like the hulls with multiple-hardpoint utility slots - since they’re invisible ingame, what’s the point?

…possibly an intended feature for future patch?

ie all the hard coding for positioning of sprites has been done but at the moment it’s all just for show.

I’m guessing in a future release, multiple hardpoint slots WILL factor it into DPS and rate of fire calcs and will therefore make ship design even more thought provoking.

It’s gratuitous.

So multiple weapons of the same kind do no good whatsoever? Is that true?

No, you’ve misread.

Sometimes, placing a particular weapon in one slot spawns more than one turret, but the extra turrets are there purely for eye candy purposes.

It is very true, however I think Cliffski might be thinking of implementing this:


to give it a bit more zing