Hated by many, Hated by the rest.

Fog of war.

Like in extreme mode only, how u cant see the enemies till u go into battle, 'cept u STILL CANT SEE THEM IN IT

not neccessarily a FOG so much as an area u cant see that contains their entire fleet, like half the map maybe, and u can only see into it by moving ur ships into range, like your weapon with the biggest range sets the “view area” and u need to move to discover more of the fog. It’d be cool, seeing like their fighters comeing out of this dark, black space, then their frigates, then like their entire fleet just looming up out of nowhere and opening up fire on ur ships.

It wouldnt actually change the range of the weapons, cos ur longest range weapon is ur view zone, so u can still fire when u could fire, and maybe to make it more eery they put in like gaps in the fog, to give u a glimpse of what is coming, whether to get the $%^& outta there or stay.

A bit like JAWS i guess, like :smiley: it plays dun dun dun dun dun dun music when u see the enemy in the gaps :smiley:

I think one of the Command and Conquer games had that (or was it Dune 2000?)

Essentially, a way to expand that concept is with Sensor Pods, a module that gives a % boost to the visible range of your weapons (not effecting firing range)

The better your sensors, the better your ship tactics. No sensors, your fast frigate fleet flies around in circles until it finds something, with sensors, you can get on target faster.

Sweet idea…

It would be epic for something like a machinima where like theyre like We dont know where teh enemy is sir, they could be anywhere!

then like their entire fleet comes out at once, and its all like


I don’t mind killing the MWM/Plasma spams we have now in favor of more CL rushes.

My bad, misread. Forget I said that.

It was on Dune 2000 and C&C Red Alert 3 (the one i really know , but maybe on other series too to the exception of generals).

But well, if we have that, wat can we do with target boosters O_o??

I like the idea.

A: Command and Conquer 3 is Tiberium Wars.

In fact I have the case right in front of me and it says on the front:

Tiberium Wars

with a big three behind it all.

C: umm i had something else to say but i forgot xD

As i said, i dunno about other C&C games, but in RA3 u have it too.