Have Abortion Statistics?

Can we have abortion statistics in game, either by proxy through population or directly?

Can we incorporate the costs of foster homes, adoption centres, orphanages, child care facilities and so on into Social Care if not as a separate policy, so that we can reduce abortion rates without using the blunt instrument of banning abortion (which doesn’t work)? Maybe childcare provision and child benefit should reduce abortion rates as well. It would give the religious and conservatives an option other than infringing on the rights of women to reduce abortion rates. Perhaps a high secularity of education would also reduce abortion rates as it would promote comprehensive sexual health and contraceptives use? The very legality of abortion should reduce abortions as well. As countries which have legal abortion generally have lower abortion rates.

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Legal abortion should also decrease organized crime.

Are there hospitals doing illegal procedures to bye-bye the child?

No, no, that’s not what I meant. I meant could we have flexibility to reduce abortions without infringing on women’s rights with more child benefit schemes?

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Oh, I was wondering what type of organized mastermind helps women abort

I don’t know.