Have the electric meter read over 100%

Have the electric meter read over 100%. But I like the full green battery. Keep that. Just make the number go above 100%, to show excess capacity.

Oooh interesting idea. might spill over other UI elements though…

Not sure what you meant by that, but unless the electric production percentage is more then 199% (highly unlikely for proper play), it should fit where it does now. You could cap the percentage at 199%. That should resolve the UI spacing issue, and still provide for any [reasonable] overage.

oh you mean it should spill back in the reverse direction? I was assuming not, because then it might be hard instinctively to tell the difference between 110% power and 90% power. I guess maybe a darker green for the overproduction? or indeed just keep the same color but show a number…

Yes. Nothing but the text, would change above supplying 100% of the plant’s power need. The colored fill indicator would move during a power shortfall only. Once the battery shows fully green (all power needs met), it stays there. Only the text value climbs above 100% to show excess generating capacity available. See my example.

This will be in the next update!