Have you ever reinstalled on purpose?

Have you ever reinstalled the game to reset everything just for fun, and if so how many times?

  • I never did, I don’t want to unlock everything all over again.
  • I never did, because I don’t see the fun in doing it all over.
  • I did once or twice, just to get the feeling of progress again.
  • I did it multiple times.

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I’m deleting and reinstalling GSB for two reasons.
For one, I have so many modded races, it’s just getting crowded.
Two, I have this weird fetish for erasing data on my games and starting over, reliving the way I felt the first time I played the game.

Does anyone else do this?
If you do, why?
And if not, then why not?

Just curious what people think on the topic.

I used to do that with Morrowind and Oblivion because of mods. I’ve grown bored of reinstalling though, so now I’m just careful what mod I install and make sure to install as few as possible.
I never reinstalled GSB on purpose.