Have you ever tried Stars?

I know this is well beyond my skills, so, I put it to you guys.

Has anyone ever considered mixing Stars! (out of production strategic game) and GSB? If someone were to make that, I would fork out my $50 immediately. (large universe, multiplayer, tech trees, customazition of races as well as ships, conquest of planets etc.)

I am playing the strategic DLC now, and while it is entertaining…

Thanks for letting me put in my 2cents.

Happy hunting.

Ya, I still have my copies. Unfortunately I can’t play it anymore since I upgraded to a newer computer and Windows 7. I don’t have windows 7 “professional” version so I can’t run Stars! without either upgrading to it (for windows virtual machine) or finding a copy of windows 3.1 and running it in dosbox. Bill Gates already has enough of my money lol

Fyi to anyone else, the actual name of the game is “Stars!” with an exclamation point in the name. If you try and google “stars” you’ll either get an endless list of dumb celebrities or actual list of literal stars (the kind in space). lol

hey i had the same idea but with different game look here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5754