Having trouble

I cannot seem to get anywhere. No matter what I do to my ships I am consistently getting obliterated! Like in the first mission, it is very rare that I get the enemies fleet below 85%… I seem to be missing something in the ship design area, any hints?

Some basic tips:

Make super fast fighters with speed around 3, the faster the better
Laser fighters can shoot under shields, rockets can’t so keep it in mind
Make long range missile ships and sit them at max range
Make super tough cruisers for sitting at the front to draw fire
Give ships weapons with roughly the same range so that they can use all their guns and sit at a set distance

You don’t have to use every weapon slot on a ship if it’s not a long range missile ship

Really tactics are up to you, hope that helps


What configuration are you using for your fighters? I can’t seem to get a combo that has a speed near 3.

Use rockets. The lower power draw means that you can generally avoid a power plant, and use the second slot for a second engine. If you have a hull with three slots, do tiny power plant-engine-engine. Using lasers, however, means more power which means a bigger power plant which means more weight and smaller engines.

3 level 1 engines are better than one level 3 engine
Just keep swapping around modules for best combination

I am not sure if I did something wrong by using this ship hull, but here is my layout which I had no idea what I was doing, but I have won every battle with this ship and stock fighters, on all difficultly levels. I just tried to put a little of everything on the ship as I had no idea what things did, but it seems to work.

The problem is that with this simple ship design I have not lost so it never feels very tense. I really hope the game gets better balancing on release. The AI I think needs more ships to really compete.

The real challenge is when playing against other humans as they can react to your set up with a counter

I did not realize this had a live online component to it. It can be played head to head against others? Also, I am not saying this is a great design; it has just worked against the AI every time.

Its not a live online component, but if you try out that ship against some of the more heinous challenges people have posted you might get a different result.

Personally, I think that AI ships are not terrible, but in almost all of the AI scenarios the enemy fleet is situated in 3-4 groups spread across their side of the map. if you set your ships up in a single formation on one end or the other of your setup area, invariably you engage the enemy groups 1 by 1 and overwhelm them in detail.

If the AI scenarios involved fleets which were set up in single formations, a lot of the battles would be different I imagine.

Go to the challenges section and play one of the “4 tanks of the apocalypse” scenarios. :slight_smile: