Heart of the Swarm

This mod aims to add an unofficial and somewhat odd ‘next generation’ to the Swarm, and will essentially create a kind of successor race. it’s going to be something really different from what you’re familiar with when seeing the Swarm. Currently i have 40 warships planned and drawn up, but only 2 as of current have sprites. It will also add several new weapons and modules. I hope to have it up and running in several weeks. Here is a teaser of one of the several cruisers and battleships of this mod.
The Apophis Cruiser

The Ammut battleship

Lovely Hi-Tech looking ships! =D

why thank you. Also may I ask if you remember a sheet that only contained a damage texture? I have been searching for it for a few hours but have been unable to find it withing the forum, if you know it’s location would you mind posting a link?

Never mind i found the damage underlay =D and forgot how to edit my posts D=

Very nice! I like the delicate, streamlined look of these new Swarm ships.

thank you Ace, these ships take a little longer to make than i am willing to admit XD
I also finished the first true Swarm battleship of this mod
The Nut

The Swarm is not the easiest bunch of parts to work with, this is true. But you are definitely turning out quality work! These new ships are definitely the Swarm, but with a whole new design aesthetic. Great stuff!

I worked up a nice logo for this ‘new’ swarm

The dwarf ‘Bes’ frigate

and finally the annk destroyer

truth be told i based this design from Nod’s vertigo bomber

Also i no longer have an edit button on any of my posts i don’t wanna be spamming the forums :confused:

From one ship-builder to another…These are AWESOME looking.

Having made the Millennium Frigate (a Union ship) I know first hand what you mean when you said “The Swarm is not the easiest bunch of parts to work with,” but you’ve done an awesome job of integrating them into a new, seamless whole.

thank you for that compliment. Right now i am working on a new batch, and redoing most of the designs i had already set up.learned that I should play around with hardpoint scaling before i flattened an image D:

Redid the Apophis , decided it suits being a frigate more than a frigate. This time i remembered not to flatten it ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Redid the Ammut ,and the Nut