Hello???. . . *echo*

Just got this game and was having fun with it. Then I found out I could easily mod it. WOW! have I got ideas.

Anyway, I have a question as to whether it’s possible (by modding the text files) to make new assets that have a chance to prevent mugging/burglary. I’ve been digging but I can’t seem to find what I would need to add to make this possible.

thank you

I think a dog will help prevent burglary in your house. If you learn kung fu or kickboxing, you will be able to kick the mugger’s butt when they try to attack you.

Yeah, I know that. What I want to do is create another item (like a gun) that would also do the same thing as the kung fu classes; i.e. you’d carry it with you and use it to stop muggers. I was just wondering if it was possible.

Belated response here, but I’ve been working on a mod and hunted around for this exact thing. In my mod I wanted to change the skill required to avoid muggings, but I couldn’t find it. It seems it’s “kungfu” at 100% that allows your to defeat the mugger and is hardcoded to “kungfu”. If you removed the kung fu skill and added a kung fu ‘item’ to the assets you might achieve the same result, sans the kung fu skill.

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