Hello everyone :)

Just bought this wonderful game, after tinkering for two days straight with the Demo.

I love it, even if all the possible combinations are overwhelming.

Speaking of combinations, I have a question that I hope some of you vets can answer.

After playing a bit around, I created two Federal frigates, the stinger and the Hedghehog.

Stinger is a:

Rapid fire laser x2
Frigate laser x1
Engine II x2

Hedgehog is a:

Frigate Torpedo x1
Plasma x1
Armor III x4
Shield II x2

Formation is usually:


Sometimes more stingers, sometimes less. if there are fighters I add a couple wings of low price fighters ( laser+engine III) and some kind of Cruiser if some punch is needed.

The combo Stinger +Hedgehog is lethal. the H. being slower, block the Stingers and that allows the fleet to arrive about the same time on the field. The rapid fire lasers open up every and each shield they find and then it is just a matter of time.

Playing with quantity I’m quickly beating the game. My problem is that even if this combo is effective it allows me to bring home very little Honor point.

Any idea on how to raise this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

try not to forget that the single player is little more than a tutorial for challenges

btw if you want you can swap ur hedgehogs for a cruiser design… they can soak up a LOT more damage :slight_smile:

gl hf


Hello, Capricorn, and welcome to the GSB forums. :slight_smile:

The fewer forces (fighters, frigates or cruisers) you bring to a battle, the greater the honor you accrue if you win. Consider it as compensation for the risk you expose yourself to by downrating your fighting assets. If you don’t win? Perhaps you cut your fleet strength a bit too deeply. :wink:

Consider using cruisers as your main fighting core, with frigates in an escort role or as firepower support from the rear (where their fragility isn’t so much of an issue).

You’ll find that most of us use cruisers as the standard fighting unit; they do indeed have a much wider assortment of modules & weapons available than frigates do. That translates into greatly boosted ability to take damage as well as dish it out. The two frigate gun choices which excel at anti-ship offense are the EMP Missile and the Ion Cannon. With both weapons present, I’ve long employed frigate groups as a light cavalry of sorts.