Hello - Need More Info About Buying Game

hmm game seems interesting - but anyway straight to the point.

before i buy this game i just need some information about buying this game

how long does the downloaded game stay active after u buy it??
say like if i uninstall it or have to format my computer
Or i lose the download file what happends then? Do i have to buy the game again?
because i didnt want to pay the $10 to get the cd sent to me - can i burn it to a cd my self??

Other sites that u buy the game from and able to download it the download only stays active for so long
so whats the go with this?

the download lasts a year, but just email me if you need a new link after that time. you can make a backup CD with the downloaded file no problem. You should never ever have to buy the game again if you buy it from us once.