Just Got the game (Preorder) Sweet sofar.

Few things. Sure most of what im gana say will have been said but still :stuck_out_tongue:

Number One, Battle ships, Carriers, and Stations. I dont really want so see them as Lineships like the Cruisers are. In stead Make them “Heros” Add a little RPG element to it. The ship represents you, gains EXP with each battle. Has Unique Weapons and Items that Bolster the ship / fleet (That go away, Or actavate when the ship dies) Say Make the Main Cannons for the battleship have random stats you spend your Honor on. And make the good ones Hellishly Expencive. Like 200K Honor. I have “Won” the game and have had everything unlocked for a while now and 60K Honor still >.< Carriers should be able to Heal fighters / Bombers, and refresh the Squadren’s losses. But only If a squad member Lives. this should also take 30 - 40 seconds. Don’t want it to be to powerfull… Stations Should have both Carrier / Battle ship trates. Let them Heal Fighters “But slower” and Use (1) battleship Gun “with a range Buff”. Give it good armor / shield buffs. Only One station is allowed on the map.

Two. All ships that Should have Engines, Should have Engines. Even if its like the Basic power core, “Weak and crappy” It should still Move.

Three. In battle Controll… Ok not really… Make each ship worth 1 “Token?” Then Barrow the Magesty style of Ship controll and give us “Flags that we can place tokens on” that will tell the ships shoot Him, or Flee from him. ect.

Four. Give us 3 levels(Elevation) for Ships. Ships should stay on their level after Deployment Except fighters who can change levels freely. Make Cruisers take up 2 lvls (Destroyers could Run under / over them) Battleships, Carriers, and Stations should take up all 3. (I guess you could spend a token to change elevation?)

Might make a good Expanshon pack :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and One more thing. Make the “Deployed” save have the current race on it.
IE Deployed Rebels. Its currently verry anoying to not have the last deployment for a group show up…
Also a Last deployment auto save would really be nice.