Help a modder survive a 5 day rained in weekend

please help! i have a 5 day weekend coming up, and its going to be raining the whole time. and im totaly bored. need i say more?

5 days, eh? Sounds like an ideal opportunity to get to work and begin a GSB mod of your very own. :smiley: Sometimes you gotta make your own entertainment!

Ive done quite a bit, but im totaly awful at imaging, so im stuck there. i also dont know how to get my own hulls in, and when i change linkpoints, i have to do it by geussing. do you ave some way for me to set linkpoints? i will prolly figure out hulls myself with a bit of screwing around.

by link point do u mean hard points were modules will be if so i will tell you how to do it really easy and will only take 2 mins to fix =)

I highly concure with Archduke Astro - You have the perfect opportunity to start working on your own mod. I would suggest that you take the time and read through the [Guide] GSB Modding 101 which is on top of the forum. From there the community will be able to help you with any other questions.

If you want some competition, let me know and i will challange you over my 2 day weekend :slight_smile:
(which also means i will be online to help you with any questions)

thanks! ill get to work on it. maybe.

Mod or Mod not. . . there is no “maybe”

Well spoken, my little green Jedi friend. :smiley:

yes, there is a maybe. maybe is the most import variable. maybe.