Help, can't find module

Ok, maybe Im missing something, but, I purchased the Nuclear Missile Launcher module today, and when I go to place it on a hull, I can’t find it on the list of available modules. Am I missing something? Are these limited to special hulls (I know they go on cruisers, but is there a subset of cruisers they will only go on?)

Thanks for your help



They’re an Order only module (or empire, not sure). :slight_smile:

Ahhh, ok, they are Order only… but, I didn’t see that on the description in the Fleet HQ. Is it not there or did I just miss it?

Thanks so much

I had exactly the same experience. I was all set to add it to some Fed cruisers and “it’s not there”. I found this a little strange because most other things become available to all other races…or at least it seems that way.

Oh well, I’m still a noob.

If anyone starts an FAQ this definitely has to be on it

Adding it to an FAQ is a good idea, but how about also adding the info to the module description? I read the description through several times before posting here, had the info been there, it would have saved time.

Despite that, thanks for the responses.