Help - crashing


Hey all… I am not sure what is going on, and I’m not even certain I’ll get a reply as it seems pretty quiet here, but I may as well give it a go.

I bought Democracy 3 the other day because, well, advertising on Twitter really does sometimes pay off… I don’t usually play anything more annoying than minesweeper.

I’m enjoying it… BUT… it keeps crashing after seven or eight turns. I can’t seem to load saved games. When it does crash I can’t even end program via task manager because it’s taken over. So I keep having to, well, I guess I’d call it a hard reset (turning the whole thing off via the switch at the front). The last time I had to do this, it automatically ran C: Scan and Repair without me scheduling it, which was a bit worrying.

I meet the system requirements, my system is like this:

3.10 GHz
8 GB Ram
Windows 8.1
1792MB Graphics card
Running Direct X ver 11

So… I am just not sure what it happening, and I’m really disappointed because I like the game. It crashes just as I’ve coached the population into some kind of socialist utopia, too. :confused:



Ok, so I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and it now won’t get past the first turn.

If it makes any difference I am not using any mods (haven’t downloaded any), and I have not added any of the expansion things. I bought this direct from you, and not via steam.


So I reinstalled again, and I am getting to the same point as before, about nine or so turns in. At least I can kill the crashed program via task manager now.

Anyway, looking around I found an errors.txt file that says this:

And I found a debug.txt file that says this at the beginning:

I am not sure if the “[1:32:47:928]- Steam initialisation failed” means anything, or if this is causing the crashes. And, if it does, I have no idea how to fix it.


So now I have uninstalled, and deleted the democracy 3 folder in User>Documents>My Games since I noticed that debug file had info from prior my last reinstallation attempt.

Reinstalled again. Quit game. Amended prefs.ini from “windowed = 0” to “windowed = 1”

Still crashing.


Well, I must have done something right, because although the game is still crashing occasionally, the save game function is working now, so I can always reload my game, which means I’m finally getting futher in than the first few turns.

So, again, for reference in case anyone is having the same issues, here’s a list of everything I did:

  1. I uninstalled the game.
  2. I manually deleted the Democracy 3 folder in C > User > My Documents > My Games
  3. I reinstalled the game.
  4. I launched the program but didn’t play (in order to recreate the folder I just deleted).
  5. I went into that folder and changed the file called prefs.ini via notepad so that it said “windowed=1” instead of “windowed=0”
  6. I changed the resolution so that the game isn’t full screen (although that’s likely my own preference).

Hope that all works for someone else too! :slight_smile: