Help Creating Country

hello guys, well, i come to have a little hand for mi creation, Argentina…

well, what need i to create a new country?, i have the 3 flags archives, the .txt mission and the mtx file (copyed of the UK)

i have this files and put on the rigth directory, but when i open the game, the country didn´t be to use

i have any error? i need more files?, i dont know, but very very thanks for the help folks, i need you, come please :mrgreen:

PD: i have modified the mission.txt file than began Spain into Argentina, but i wish modify the votants too



You’ve posted this in the Democracy 2 forum, but you refer to matrix files, which are Democracy 1.

Which version are you using?

P.S. If you are using Democracy 1, there is no need to copy the matrix file. The game will create it when you run it.

ok, thanks for the help ^^, yes, iam new in D2 ^^

but, i wish modify the % of votants, and, if i only modify a porcent of “poors”, dont will have a problem?

sorry for the english, :stuck_out_tongue: