Help Democracy 2(No volume,Options unavailable,etc)

(Sorry for the grammar, my main language is spanish.)

I bought and played Democracy 2 about 2 days ago. I really like this game, i remember playing the demo more than a year ago.

But yesterday when i click the game and i couldnt hear any sound, so i went to options and i saw all options were off and all the sliders were to the far left so they were unable as well. I couldnt use the slider to move it to the right and i could click at the options. The only option that was highlighted was the one that says (switch to full screen)

The gameplay itselfs runs well, but its bothersome to not be able to here the volume/sound/music and all options are turned off.

I am not very good with computer/software. So i dont really know what is going on, help would be appreciate

I want to contact the programmer, but i dont know his email. I clicked in support then i click to email but it didnt let me email him, a pop up appear saying the client is not installed.

Its just a little upsetting that i really enjoy this game, but then the next day after buying it a problem comes up.