Help Enabling Mods

Warning I can be dense when I comes to modding.

Okay my problem is not creating mods but running them. Currently I have the steam version of the game. I downloaded JSGME, i’m not sure how I should set up my folders in order to make the mods work. Sorry if this is short and overly simple.

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I did read a previous thread on this topic, but I was no hep >.<

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If you are going to use JSGME - Generic Mod Enabler then you will probably be one of the few in these forums. (although i could be quite mistaken) Personally i install the mods directly into my GSB folder and turn them on/off with the install.txt files.

If you were installing a mod in steam without the aid of JSGME you would extract directly into your GSB install directory. For example c:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/gsb/

However how you would install a mod with JSGME - sorry, i wouldn’t have the foggiest.
If you get it to work, it would be worth posting up your destructions if other forum members wish to do the same

This is me keeping it idiot proof.

I made a mod folder, when I insert lets use Praetorian mod, how would I then run it without the GME

  • You dont need a mod folder

Extract Mod into here → /steam/steamapps/common/gratuitous space battles/
It should create its own directory