Help for modding problem with DLCs, please?

I posted in the support forum too but i seem to have a problem with my mods.
They crash for players who have all DLCs…can anyone help me on this one?

Good evening DeLaCroixCy,

could you upload your mod-file here, please?
I would like to help you to fix the problem.

I had the same issue and have posted elsewhere. I had Netherlands , Sweden mods installed and when I downloaded the dlc packs x2 the game crashed every time is tried to move on a turn.
I have reinstalled the game and dlc and now have no mods. Is there a list of mods which are compatible with the dlc packs please?

I have no DLCs and yet had crashes. In my case it was caused by the location of names file (both for Cyprus and India). This was fix by changing the location to

Another small issue with the Windows installer version: It creates a folder called “Republic of Cyprus” instead of just “Cyprus” - this causes the mod to remain hidden after installation. The zip version is fine though.

Another suggestion: If your mod relies on other mods, it might be helpful to users if you can state it explicitly. For e.g., corruption is an inbuilt value in your mod, but an anti-corruption policy comes from some other mod - I was forced to continue with corruption through my term (lol). I would not suggest that you add the anti-corruption policy as it would duplicate it for users who already use it from other mods.

Cliff: any guidelines on duplicate policies would help!