HELP for my Italian mod, it doesn't work

Hello all,

I tried to create a MOD for Italy, but it simply doesn’t work. Everytime I try to start the campaign with Italy, the game crash. I tried other mod and they all work fine.
I would like to ask someone if can give a look and find why it does’nt work.

Thanks a lot.
Italy.rar (693 KB)

Okay, I found at least 4 problems. It should be noted that, in a fit of proper Englishness, I am recently returned from the pub after work, so am both a quite drunk and quite tired, so I may not have found everything and these are not all complete solutions. I may revisit these tomorrow.

  • Your policies.csv file is broken. Open it with a text editor are you’ll see there are "s where there shouldn’t be. You need to get rid of those. Anywhere where there are two quotes (i.e. “”) there should only be one, and there shouldn’t be quotes at all at the beginning and end of lines.
  • Your Italy.txt file includes the line:
names_file = "data\names\italynames.txt"

This should be:

names_file = "Italy\data\names\italynames.txt"
  • However, your italynames.txt file is broken too. I’m not sure what is wrong with it, but using at the moment causes the game to crash. I can’t spot the issue here, sorry.
  • In your railstrike_railsubsidies.ini override, there is an extra close bracket in the ‘Equation’ line that shouldn’t be there.

I hope that at least gets you started on getting it working! Or at least helps a little bit!



as far as I have noticed italynames.txt misses [surnames] section. It also contains F2 ansi character which does not display correctly.

It is good to use excel or some open replacement to edit csv files.

Nice work.

Thanks a lot for the replies and your help!
I’ll try to fix them and if it is work.
Thanks again

Now works perfectly! Thanks a lot for your correction!
It seems that alcool, once again, has solved problems!

Don’t forget that you can add mods to the steam workshop from within the game, if you have a steam copy and steam is running. The more mods people can choose from the better!