Help...Game crashing

Ok, here is my summary of the problem. I was playing the yahoo version then found this site. I uninstalled the yahoo version and purchased the full positech one last night. I played all night last night without problems, then today I started crashing. At first it seemed to be tied to purchasing the sudoku book, but now it crashes whenever I try to play the game I was playing regardless of if I purchase the book or not. I tried updating my video driver, but according to the website I have the latest driver. Any suggestions!! I’m getting desperate as I am desperately addicted.

is there an error message? did you install anything or change anything on your PC between when the game worked and when it started to crash?

Not that I can recall. However, I also started a new game last night and that one seems fine, so I think I may have a corrupt game file. If it happens again on the new game I’ll let you know.

Hmmmm…I just posted that the new game was working and then went to load it to play tonight and it does the same thing.

When I try to load it, the screen goes black and then I get the windows box that says:

Kudos.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

So, it appears that I can play ok, but once I save I can’t load it back up. Any suggestions?

thats very weird, can you send me the save game? they are in the mydocuments/ludos/savegames directory. email it to support AT positech dot co dot uk. I’ll check that it works ok, but I suspect it will, as I haven’t had anyone else report this issue. Have you done a check on your PC for viruses or adware or other similar stuff? it could be something like that.

Ok, I just ran all the virus, spyware, adaware, hijacker, etc. programs my husband always tells me to run. I’m going to also uninstall the program and re-install it and see if it goes away. If not I’ll send you the game files to look at.

At first I couldn’t find my downloaded game to re-install it, but eventually I remembered where it was and got it re-installed. I was able to load my previous game, but after I purchased the soduku book again, it started crashing. I am sending you the game file.

:frowning: I am totally addicted to this game… I’ve achieved pretty high levels of success… I had to reject a dinner invitation to go out with my “boyfriend” which ofcourse made my other friend unhappy, she likes rock music so I was going to take her to a concert… the game froze & I got an error message… I tried logging on again doing something else… kept freezing…same error message “kudos has experienced a problem & had to close”… I downloaded the patch 1.18, the game wouldnt load at all… so I went to uninstall the game, to try to reinstall it… it wouldnt let me, THEN i went to my email, where I got confirmation about my purchase (purchased from here ofcourse) & tried to click the link to download it again & got this message “this product is no longer available for download, this may be due to the maximum number of allowed attempts exceeded or the allotted time.” PLEASE HELP :frowning: