HELP! GSB is ruining my sleep!

I’m new to GSB and it’s already ruining my sleep! HELP!
And now the Outcast is out, I’m gonna buy it tonight and there goes my sleep even more. HELP!!

No cure exists; there is no way out; you will be assimilated. Enjoy the ride. :wink:

I think GSB should have a more thriving community from the game.
We can achieve that in some ways such as:

  • In game messaging
  • Clan
  • Leaderboard
  • Online campaign such as appearance of crazy alien invaders where we all should fight.

Those activities will be very useful in the long term for the game and developers.

You may have noticed the infinity symbol against some of the missions within GSB. Those are survival missions where you face endless waves of enemies which will ultimately lead to your demise. The top scores are placed here.

There is one clan that is still existing, the Friendly Community Mod Squad :wink:

Remember - GSB online is sorta like playing chess via email. While it is interactive, it is on a macro scale.
Stop by the Challenges and Tournaments forum if you want to test your mettle.

While I quite like the idea of the online campaign where multiple people play simultaneous on the same map which is hosted by one of the players (which BTW would make the in-game chat an awesome function), that idea will have to wait for another day.

As for the ruining of your sleep, i have no real advice on how to resist the “one more go” feeling. Modding helps, though; join us . .

I’ve just tried the Leaderboard using Outcast but only managed to score like 100,000 where the lowest visible is 500,000.

I’ll explore more on the design, but I notice it must be balanced between destroying capital ships and figthers. Challenging indeed.