Help in Translate

Since my job is programming, i came up with this idea, both to familiarize myself with text coding and game mechanics and to make my friends play the game too, i wish to create a mod that would translate the game into my local language, portuguese, i’m native brazilian so i don’t have a problem with the output, i just wanted to ask a few questions about how can i edit the menus,buttons,descriptions and all written data of the game.

I know that crafting a translate mod is not an easy task, since you must take in consideration that buttons have limited space to fit letters into, and you have plenty of data to work on, it’s like translating a full encyclopedia.

The advantages of a decent translation are many, this game would have a higher reach in consumer public, people that doesn’t know english ,BUT knows portuguese can now play and understand the game!.But in other hand, translation job must accompany the developers work, to keep both publics(english people and portuguese people) happy, well i have plenty of time to work on updates and on the mod itself so i opened this thread ;).

To synthesize:

  • I wanna make a mod, that translates the vanilla game and some mods into portuguese, my native language.
  • In order to translate i need to know where the game texts are, and/or how i can edit then in notepad or other text program.

Thank you for your attention

I’m afraid that there is one HUGE wall between you and your completed project, you are wanting to change a hardcoded part of the game, you need permission and editor programs and knowings from cliff…

GSB is not famous in south america, but with this mod the game can reach then.I know that this level of coding could be compared to the development of the base-game itself, but that’s the area where i wanna work on.

Actually, translating the game (assuming you mean the menus and dialog box text) can be as simple as altering the text to the right of the equal sign in the strings.ini file. Everything else would have to be done individually: module, by module.