Help me to help you with Mac error reporting

So I’ve been running into issues where the game randomly crashes. The thing is I am aware that this isn’t very useful as a bug report. I’m posting here mainly to ask what information would help you debug and to note what appears on my side.

First point:
I do receive the fairly lengthy, standard OS X “your application has crashed” alert, but that’s an immense amount of information which is hard to post/report via forum and the like. About as much as I can tell you from the few I’ve looked at is that they sound like Seg-faults. Are there parts of this message that would help you?

I have tried running the application using the terminal.However it does not appear like the game was written to give any extra detail there on the error messages.

The reproducibility of most of these errors is odd. I’ll describe how it tends to happen for me:
The game will crash while I’m doing something for whatever reason. If I immediately open up the program and try to do whatever it was I was doing again, almost certainly the game will crash again. However if I leave it alone (and closing steam seems to reset it for whatever reason), thus far I’ve always been able to come back and do whatever it was again.

I really can’t come up with any consistent pattern behind the things I’m doing when it crashes, other than that trying to type into the textboxes where you can enter numbers if my click is a little off and the cursor isn’t aligned in the window properly seems to generate one of these crashes pretty quickly most of the time.

As a side note:
At the moment any challenge I try to download tells me that it was removed from the server probably for being corrupt. If I refresh the list they still all appear to be there just like before and yet they still cannot be downloaded.

Very familiar song to my ears. Apparently random crashes, often just as the battle is getting tense. I was beginning to suspect the downloading of email elsewhere on the computer, but that’s nothing but a hunch because I’ve since quit playing the game. My plan is to be patient for a month or three and then see about downloading a new & improved version of GSB2.