Help me understand

Hy i´m from germany so i hope you understand my question

i made 2 screens

i have one product with one effect and intensity 4. This has a rating C+
The other product 2 effects intensity 10 and only a C rating

In my opinion the 2nd product better because its good against 2 effects and there is a higher intensity.

Can you explain my why?

Thank you

High concentration does not always equal a good product. Each product is “strongest” at a different concentration.

You can use the “Analysator” to find out the “Maximale Stärkekonzentration der Effekte”. Or use trial and error.

For products with two effects, the rating is the average of them both. This might seem bad, but remember you are making more money per product and there is more demand because it gets the demand of both cures.

Hope that helps, Tim :slight_smile:

Hy Tim,

thank you for your fast answer.

I checked now with the analyser and the result are:

Product 1:
“Lindert Erkältungssymptome” Strange = 60%

Product 2:
“Lindert Erkältungssymptome” Strange = 43%
“Lindert Hustenkrämpfe” Strange = 75%

so product 2 has an average strange of 59% and this is less then the 60% of product 1.

This is what you mean right?

okay now i worked on product 2 and get it to
“Lindert Erkältungssymptome” Strange = 50%
“Lindert Hustenkrämpfe” Strange = 100%

So we have an average strange about 75%. But the Rating ist still only “C”. Remember Product 1 has a strange of 60% and a “C+” rating.
What happend?
Saves.rar (149 KB)

How long have waited since you made the latest product. Cure ratings take time to reach their “true” value.

Sell another 200-300 of the product and you should see the cure rating converge.