Help modelling a real country

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a new country for the game (Bulgaria) but I’m running into some difficulties. I use the budget report for 2007 to make the mod as realistic as possible. The country is quite small (7m) and not particularly rich. By adjusting the initial values for ‘wealth’ and the different taxes I manage to get a very accurate results for the monthly income (about $1.4bn), yet my problem is that I cannot get the expenses right.

The thing is that the game assumes some minimum values for the different expenses and they are far above the actual expenses of the real government ($1.27bn monthly in 2007, i.e. it ran a surplus). What I can do is set a lower value for ‘wealth’ so that the minimal values are also lower. In this way I can set the expenses to be more realistic, but I also need to set much higher taxes to keep the surplus. The taxes in the real country are actually quite low (flat 10% income & corp tax), so making them high on the relative scale of the game is not realistic.

So by tweaking the ‘wealth’ constant I either get accurate taxes and extremely low expenses or extremely high taxes and accurate expenses (on the relative scale). In either case the voters are not happy at all and the government starts off with close to 0% support.

Is there any way around this? Any help will be appreciated.