Help! Music Error Message

I purchased Kudos through Yahoo can play for a little while until I get the following error message and the whole thing crashes:

failed to mute music:.\GUI_sounds.cpp156

Is there a simple fix to keep this error from re-occurring? Please be aware that I am SO NOT a computer programmer and would need fairly simple yet comprehensive instructions (not to mention ++confidence++)

You need to update your sound drivers. Unfortunately I cant tell you what soundcard you have, you will ahve to look in the sound control panel and have a look. once you know what it is, google for it, and you will find a link to update the drivers.
AFAIK everyone who has encountered this error has fixed it by updating their drivers.
Let me know if that doesnt make sense.

Thank you so much for your quick response! I just wanted to let you know what has happened since I last wrote –

Yahoo has agreed to give me a refund because their brilliant and highly technical solution (re-installing the game) didn’t work.

I am working on resolving the sound card update with some technical assistance.

I don’t know if this has anything whatsoever to do with the problems I have been having, but I did notice that the error always occurs at the same time during the game (at least the way I’ve been playing it!) - in April 2007. I turned off all the sound options and the error still occurs. I tried to avoid all of the music-related options (disco, jazz concert, etc.) but even that didn’t help. The last error message popped up after I clicked the alarm clock to proceed to May 2007!

Once I get my refund from Yahoo I intend to purchase the program through your website! One last question from a non-technical person: are the downloads and updates for your version of the game easy to install?

yes they are easy. It happens after 1 year because it tries to mute the music to play the “1 year over with” music. New sound card drivers should fix it.