HELP! My YORKSHIRE mod IS NOT working!!!

I’m new to this modding business and I made a mod for my home county, Yorkshire, to be an independent country.

Unfortunately every time I try to open Yorkshire, the game crashes.

Also, I don’t know how to paste the mod onto this for you guys to check out so if you could tell me how to do that too then I’d be very grateful!!

Edit your first post. Below the save draft/preview/submit potions there’s a box with two tabs, and the second one has all the Upload attachment options.

My Brazil mod was crashing all the time too, what I did to prevent this was copy a working mod, change all the names accordingly, and test it for the first time. Then I changed each file individually so I knew which ones would give me trouble. Then I made one change at a time to single out what parameter was making the game crash. Turned out my overrides (copied from Argentina as a base) were bad, so I used different ones from other mods to calibrate the Brazil stats accordingly. After everything was tested and singled out, everything worked out without a hitch.

So try being patient and making one change at a time, so when you test it you’ll know exactly what you changed to make it crash. :slight_smile:

Is that the yorkshire mod on steam workshop? if so, its become pretty popular on youtube :smiley: