Help on install

Every time I try to install the game, I get an “Out of Memory” error message. Is this because the game is 32bit? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi there, what version of windows do you have? and at what point do you get this message? any chance of a screenshot? AFAIK I don’t think it should matter at all if you have a 32bit or 64bit copy of windows.
Do you have virtual memory turned off? or very low disk space and RAM?

I have 64bit Windows 8.1 Pro, I received the message when I click the Install button on the third screen I believe, screenshot now included. I sometimes use virtual memory though it rarely gets used, I have some details pulled up in the task manager.

Well, after restarting my computer several times I have finally got the game to install… I think my Anti-virus software was overstepping and blocking it unjustly without notifying me… Thanks for the fast response!

Glad the issue is now resolved.