Help on running Democracy on old hardware

Hi Cliff and everyone!

I’ve got Democracy 2 (educational license) for use in our college’s classes. I was shocked when I tried installing the program on our university’s interactive learning center “classic” PCs (AthlonXP 2400s, with Geforce2 MX400s). Needless to say, I got the “Direct3D Creation Error (D3D7),” or something to that effect.

I was wondering if anybody got Demo 2 to run on the specs above? I’ve installed nVidia drivers (the darn things were running on XP’s Microsoft drivers!) and played around with config.muf file, but to no avail. In case you’re wondering, the PCs are running Windows XP Pro SP2, so they’ve got DirectX 9.0c on 'em. I’ve run dxdiag, and the PCs fail on the D3D DX 7.0 test.


Got it. Installed audio drivers. Which begs the question: why do some administrators just install the OS and nix the drivers? It bugs me.

The fact that I have run this game on even a 32 MB video card is testament to its great programming. Good job, Cliff!

Thanks for the views everyone!

Cool. Good to hear that you got it running!