Help re latest version purchased from Yahoo

I wonder if anyone could give me any advice.

I played the demo via Yahoo games, and ended up enjoying it so much that I bought it from them (not realising there was this site), but one thing I had noticed with the demo was the rider food issue, as commented on several posts, so I did a websearch and found these forums.

Reading the posts it looks like 1.13 is the latest version, with the extra staff options etc, but the one I got from Yahoo doesn’t have any of that.

Is this an issue I have to take direct with Yahoo Games, or will you be forwarding them an updated version, or is there some way I could provide evidence to yourselves that I have purchased it and obtain the latest copy that way?

I just wish I’d known about this site first heh, would have saved me a load of hassle.

Thanks in advance for any responses.


Yep, ditto, this is a real concern. If the game cannot be supported from other sales channels, it shouldn’t be sold there.

other sales channels have very very long QA procedures, so the problem is not that they won’t support the game, or get an updated version, but that they are very reluctant to get new versions unless the game has critical bugs in it. I’m happy to do updated builds for the various sites that sell the game, but a lot of the time they prefer to stick with the first release ;(

Thanks for your swift reply Cliffski - I don’t suppose if I emailed you my yahoo order confirmation email, you could send me a copy (or a link to) the latest version?

I know, I’m cheeky LOL but it can’t hurt to ask :smiley:

Sherish, I’m right there with ya man. I bought from Yahoo! and am unable to update- I didn’t know I could get it anywhere else… I’m worried I’m going to have to buy it AGAIN, just to get the updates- I’m guessing some of the things I don’t have in game (Moe’s bar, publicist, various other things I probably don’t even know exist) happened after the first release of the game… le sigh

Thanks, Cliff, for a helpful and informative response. It is such a breath of fresh air dealing with a real human being rather than one of these non-responsive software publishers. Obviously this isn’t your fault, I just wish I had known – suffice it to say that’s the last time I buy anything on Yahoo without checking to see if it’s available direct. In the end, I bought it all over again from you sigh. But at least it’s going to a good cause.

It’s tricky, because the portals do not provide email addresses of people they sell the game to, to prevent them ‘losing’ their customers to the developer, so we can’t even verify sales ;(. That’s just the way the downloadable games market goes unfortunately ;(