HELP, Update Killed my ships???

I have been having a blast creating my own custom ships, weapons and races with GSB for some time now.
A few nights ago I saw an “update available” notice on my Impulse acct. and stupidly hit the update button.

Now most of my custom ships are gone. The debug folder lists them as:

GSB Debug File. App version Full 1.45<<

“Design [>custom ship<] deleted because it was not valid with this version”.

40 of my ships are listed this way and do not show up in the game.

WTH??? Whats the quick fix on this issue???

This happens if the stats on modules change and make them not fit within limits for the hulls. So if a module now users more power, that design is no longer valid, so the game refuses to load it. You need to redesign ships so that they fit with the new limits, so basically re-create them.
This has to be done to make sure the game is balanced.

I have many hours in designing those ships. re-creating is not an option.

Balance,…? I “balance” MY races as I see fit for my own scenarios and sometimes they are clearly not balanced.
I dont play against others online or anything.
I just want to sit down and enjoy my battles as I have spent countless hours creating them. Surely there is an easy solution.
Roll-back to earlier version or something,…?
Change module values,…?

OK, so in desperation I “tinkered” with one of my ships in the designer and saw that the crew module sizes I used before had been changed by the update. I increased all the module crew capacities and now it seems that my ships are loading again.

Ran a test battle and once more the always victorious Terran Imperial battle fleet destroyed a huge Minrossi invasion fleet, …“gratuitously”. YAY.

On another note, (and this has been my one real gripe about the game all along), The “Victory/Defeat” box pops up before the battle is really over and spoils my view. In fact in some cases it is pre-mature. I have seen both Victory and Defeat declared before the fighting is finished only to have the real outcome decided by surviving fighter/bombers.
Can the victory/defeat values be reset lower or better yet,to 0% ???

The victory music plays even if you have music turned off now ;-;

Indeed, I must fix that…
The victory is declared early in ceratin ‘stalemate’’ situations to prevent battles going on for ages with just one shot in 200 actually doing any damage.

Some way to set the Victory % would go a long way to making this game “perfect”.

I want to say “Thank You” for this game. I know it is a work in progress, and your Herculean effort is very much appreciated.
It has given me countless hours of entertainment and allowed me to realize a childhood fantasy by letting me put models (that I made back in the 70s) go fight in gratuitus and glorious battles. Battles that until now, I could only imagine.
Well Done Sir!