Help us spread the word about the game

Hey everyone, I’m the evil indie publisher behind the game :D. Because we are a small indie company, we can’t compete with the activisions and EA of this world in terms of getting people to find out about the game. Therefore, we really do rely on word of mouth talking about it, and feedback from you, the nice people who have bought the game during the beat period and helped us make it what it is today.

So first of all, THANKS for supporting this when the game is still in development, and obviously has a few rough edges and bugs. We really appreciate it.

Secondly, it really does help us a LOT if you can spread word of the game to your friends, both real-world and online. Even just tweeting that you are playing the game is a help, especially if you link to us at
If you are on facebook, we have a page for the game at

And if you use the site ‘reddit’, we have a dedicated subreddit for the game at

But by far the best thing you can do to support the game is to spread the word online through forums, and other games sites. For example, if you have a favorite youtuber or twitch streamer you follow, and they haven’t covered the game, let them know about it and that they should get in touch with us. Our easiest press contact is probably me (cliff AT positech dot co dot uk).

And if you feel like doing your own streams, or putting together your own forum signatures or avatars, you will find a bunch of Big Pharma logos and other imagery here: …

We really appreciate it when you mention the game to your friends :smiley:

I think my favorite is :wink: